Welcome to the ABE Case History Exam

Please Note:

THE ABE has modified the Case History Portfolio exam to a standard grouping of FIVE cases treated and documented by each Candidate rather than ten cases as previously required. This change is effective immediately, starting with the May 1, 2020 submission cycle. It is the new standard for both current and prospective Candidates.

The following are the five required cases for submission:

Case 1 - Nonsurgical Root Canal Treatment - Maxillary Molar
Case 2 - Nonsurgical Root Canal Treatment - Mandibular Molar
Case 3 - Nonsurgical Retreatment - Maxillary or Mandibular Molar
Case 4 - Nonsurgical Retreatment - Maxillary or Mandibular Molar
Case 5 - Periradicular Surgery - Maxillary or Mandibular Molar

Please review the newly revised Case History Guidelines for updated requirements for each of the five cases, and for all other components of your portfolio.

If you were registered for the prior version of the exam and have not yet been updated to the five-case exam, please contact Ivana Bevacqua at ivana@amboardendo.org.

Submitting Your Portfolio Online

The American Board of Endodontics and its staff have endeavored to make this online version of the Case History Exam a convenient and time-saving process, however, instructions do need to be followed very closely. You will be graded for accuracy as well as content of your Portfolio, so we urge you to read both the Detailed Instructions and the Case History Guidelines.

For an overview of how to use this site and submit your Portfolio online, please go to the Detailed Instructions.

For details on what is required for each of your cases, please go to the Case History Guidelines.

Case Submission Dates

Portfolios are accepted for review twice a year - May 1 and September 1. Portfolios must be submitted on or before the submission deadline. Late Portfolios will be included in the next cycle, providing eligibility is still current.

Please note: Due to an ever-increasing number of portfolios submitted, the ABE may need to limit the number of submissions accepted for review in any given cycle. Any such limitation on submissions would be dynamic and based exclusively on available examiner resources. Any portfolio that meets the scheduled deadline that cannot be reviewed would be automatically held and reviewed the following cycle, with candidate notification by ABE staff. We recommend not waiting until the deadline to submit your portfolio because the sooner you submit your portfolio, the more likely you are to be included in the cycle for which you are submitting.

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