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Important Updates Beginning with the May 2024 Exam Cycle

Please note: There have been many updates effective for the May 2024 exam cycle. It is extremely important that you carefully read the revised Case History Portfolio Examination Guidelines for updated requirements regarding the cases, including but not limited to, what will be acceptable for the new "Case 4 OTHER" category, and for all other components of your portfolio. Download the latest version of the Case History Portfolio Examination Guidelines from our "Instructions" webpage.

Starting with the May 2024 exam cycle, the following are the five required cases for submission:

Case 1 - Nonsurgical Root Canal Treatment - Maxillary Molar
Case 2 - Nonsurgical Root Canal Treatment - Mandibular Molar
Case 3 - Nonsurgical Retreatment - Maxillary or Mandibular Molar
Case 4 - OTHER category
Case 5 - Periradicular Surgery - Maxillary or Mandibular Molar

Case Submission Date Annually on May 1

Beginning with the May 2024 exam cycle, portfolios will be evaluated only ONE TIME PER YEAR, with the submission deadline of May 1st each year.

Candidates will have access to the website to upload their portfolio at any time during the year. However, the recurring submission deadline will be at midnight, Central Time Zone, on May 1st. Any portfolio that has not been submitted in its entirety by the deadline will not be evaluated during that grading cycle.

Due to an ever-increasing number of portfolios submitted, the ABE may need to limit the number of submissions accepted for review in any given cycle. Any such limitation on submissions would be dynamic and based exclusively on available examiner resources. Any portfolio that meets the scheduled deadline that cannot be reviewed would be automatically held and reviewed the following cycle, with candidate notification by ABE staff. We recommend not waiting until the deadline to submit your portfolio because the sooner you submit your portfolio, the more likely you are to be included in the cycle for which you are submitting .

Additional details on portfolio submission, updated requirements and more can be found on the ABE main website .

If you have any questions, please reach out to ABE staff at staff@amboardendo.org.

Preparing and Submitting Your Portfolio

For an overview of how to use this site and submit your Portfolio online, please refer to the Case History Exam Submission Instructions which you can download from our "Instructions" webpage.

For detailed instructions on all requirements regarding the Case History Portfolio Exam, please refer to the Case History Portfolio Examination Guidelines which you can download from our "Instructions" webpage

For a library of instructional videos that will help guide you through the registration process and uploading your portfolio to this website, please visit our Case History Exam Submission Tutorial Videos Webpage.

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