Digital Case History Exam Instructions

Guidelines, Instructions and Checklists

A key step in submitting a successful Digital Case History Exam is to carefully read and review all the instructions and guidelines provided on this site. The ABE wants you to succeed in your overall goal of Board Certification, and for this reason, we have made certain to provide you with all of the necessary information you need to submit a strong portfolio. We urge you to read and adhere to the following instructions, guidelines and review document.

Digital Case History Portfolio Guidelines

The Guidelines document is the road map to follow as you create your Portfolio. We advise you to read it cover to cover before you begin, and then use it as a reference as you treat patients, collect your cases, record your data and check your work. Everything you need to know to prepare each case is in this document. Also included in the Guidelines is a grading chart with an explanation of how the various grades are determined. This chart provides the very criteria the Directors use as they examine your Portfolio case by case.
Download the "Digital Case History Portfolio Guidelines"

Digital Case History Exam Submission Instructions

This document will provide you with instructions on how to use this website, register for the exam, and submit your cases and completed portfolio online.
Download the "Digital Case History Exam Submission Instructions"

The Candidate Review Document

Effective the November 2013 Exam: Portfolios will no longer be returned to the Candidate following a “First Review". There are errors, as outlined in the Candidate Review Document, that will either result in a “Failed Notebook” or a “Failed Case”. For this reason, it is extremely important that you carefully review the revised policy (that is stated in the Guidelines) and follow the Candidate Review Document as you prepare your cases. Prior to submitting your Case History Examination, you will be asked to verify that you have read, understand, and checked each of your cases against the Candidate Review Document. You will not be allowed to submit your completed Portfolio without completing this step. The Candidate Review Document is included in the Digital Case History Portfolio Guidelines, but for your convenience, you can download the document separately as well:
Download "Candidate Review Document"